Patient Journey

Our Treatment Coordinator Tess Welcomes you to Unidental Stockport

Your dedicated treatment coordinator will guide you through your journey with us. Once you have arranged your free initial consultation, your treatment coordinator will write to you with confirmation of the appointment, directions to the practice and also details of how you can get in touch with her if you need to prior to your appointment. Your treatment coordinator will also contact you the day before your visit to confirm the time & ensure you received your welcome letter with directions.

At your first visit, your treatment coordinator will welcome you to our private consultation lounge. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss your treatment goals and also ask any questions you may have. Your treatment coordinator will also take some photographs of your teeth which will be stored securely. These photographs allow us to communicate more effectively with you and also other members of our clinical team wherever necessary.

Once you have had a chat, your treatment coordinator will take you to meet your dentist and will be present during your clinical consultation. She will explain everything that you discussed together to the dentist and she will be present throughout the consultation.

Following your meeting with the dentist, your treatment coordinator will take you back through to the consultation lounge and will discuss any treatment options available to you along with the estimated cost, timings and payment plans. This information will allow you to make an informed decision about your treatment. This will also be an opportunity to ask about anything you are unsure of.

Your treatment coordinator will supply you with any relevant written information required and will also arrange any further appointments for you. She will also explain any consent forms to you and ensure you have thorough understanding of every aspect of your treatment.

During your treatment, if you have any questions your treatment coordinator is your first point of contact and you can communicate with her at any time to discuss any aspect of your dental treatment.

Once your treatment is completed, your treatment coordinator will take some post-operative photographs for you, of which you may have a copy if you wish. She will also do a short post treatment interview to ensure you had an exceptional experience with us. Your feedback is very important to us.

Your treatment coordinator will also arrange any future follow up appointments for you, or alternatively explain to you about anything you need to do in the future to maintain your dental treatment.