Clear Braces

Invisalign Braces in Stockport

A patient that used Invisalign services.

Many patients, young and old, have crooked or misaligned teeth. As well as being an aesthetic issue that can affect self-esteem, misaligned teeth can cause problems with your bite (the way your teeth meet when you close your mouth), leading to issues with biting and chewing food, and potentially causing problems maintaining a good oral hygiene regime, as misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean properly and food can get trapped in the gaps, frequently leading to further dental health problems.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with straightening teeth and correcting your bite. Traditionally this meant metal braces, using wires and aligners, and the thought of a lengthy treatment process with an unsightly brace puts many patients off seeking orthodontic treatment. However,the discipline has advanced over decades and today treatment is a lot shorter and more comfortable than it was in the past and suitable for almost any age. With this advancement, clear aligners like Invisalign are more popular alternative to traditional metal braces.

At Unidental, we offer a discreet set of Clear Braces – teeth aligners, similar to Invisalign braces which straighten the position of your teeth without being obvious, meaning most people won't know you're wearing them.

Our Clear Braces system uses near-invisible aligners and lingual braces – braces placed discretely on the back of your teeth. As with all our products, treatment with Unidental Clear Braces begins with a bespoke digital plan, which provides a more satisfying result for both you and your orthodontist.

Your dentist has a complete portfolio of techniques at their disposal to carry out your treatment in the most efficient way, and the latest computer technology makes planning even easier.

After digital planning, which lets you see the end results before you start treatment, you'll be fitted with a bespoke set of removable aligners, which can be taken out for brief periods for cleaning and eating.

As with all orthodontic treatment, stringent oral hygiene practice is necessary, and you will visit the practice regularly to check on progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Depending on the extent of the alignment required with your teeth, treatment can take from several months to over a year with reliable results. Thanks to fixed permanent retention you can be assured that your teeth won't move after treatment is completed.

Orthodontics is often used in combination with other cosmetic techniques to deliver your perfect smile. Contact the practice today for a FREE, no obligation orthodontics assessment.

The 3D Planning Centre gives orthodontists a digital orthodontic planning service that uses the latest generation of software. It enables you to see the end result before you start your treatment.


The Clear Braces Aligner is a way of correcting misaligned teeth using a series of transparent orthodontic aligners that are bespoke to your teeth with the aid of computer-assisted design and creation. They are removable and can be taken out for short periods and for cleaning.

Clear Braces Fast Aligners are clear, removable orthodontic braces that contain functional parts such as springs and screws. These are perfect for problems that cannot be corrected with conventional aligners, while still benefiting from being removable.


This is an indirect cement system used to place brackets according to computer-assisted digital planning. This system also allows for lingual (back of the teeth) bracket placement, which means your orthodontist can treat you as required while also ensuring that your braces will be unnoticeable and nobody need know you're wearing them.