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Dental Implants in Stockport

Dental Implants Stockport

If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, you can experience serious problems with confidence in your appearance and your smile, not to mention issues with eating your favourite foods and potentially more serious problems if any remaining teeth move to fill in the gaps.

Dentures and bridges are traditional solutions for missing teeth, but they come with problems of their own (such as the gums receding under dentures, making them uncomfortable) and are not the ideal solution for everyone.

The Ideal Solution: Dental Implants Stockport

Dental implants are an increasingly popular solution for one or more missing teeth. At Unidental we use our advanced Digital Implantology system, which in many cases enables us to place your dental implants right away.

With our dental implants, you can:

  • Enjoy the next best thing to natural teeth. Our dental implants look, feel and function as if they are natural teeth. Unlike dentures, the implants do not interfere with your daily activities.
  • Retain the natural shape of your face and improve your smile. Other options can make your face sag and sink, making you look older. Our dental implants, on the other hand, allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face.
  • Protect your healthy bone. Leaving your missing teeth untreated can lead to additional health issues, such as the deterioration of your jawbone. Dental implants, on the other hand, preserves and stimulates your natural bone.
  • Speak clearly and easily. With dentures, it can be extremely difficult to pronounce simple words. With dental implants functioning like natural teeth, you can speak easily and clearly.
  • Keep your teeth in the mouth, not in a cup. Our dental implants let you keep your teeth where they Belong in your mouth. With this option, there is no need to worry about slipping or falling out dentures.

How It Works

A dental implant comprises two parts: small, metal screws that are placed in the jaw, and crowns, bridges or dentures that are fixed on top. They help prevent other teeth from moving and gums and jaw bones from receding.

Dental implants has two stages. First, our dental implant dentist in Stockport will place the implant into the jawbone. When the gums and the jaw has fully healed after a few weeks or months, you come back to our practice to get the replacement teeth attached to the implant.

In some situations, however, it is possible to readily attach the temporary teeth to the implant at the time of the fitting.

How We Do It

Our Digital Implantology system makes full use of advanced digital planning software, which enables our implant surgeons to precisely plan your implants. Every digital plan is unique, just like every patient. The system enables us to plan the best position of your implants from a biological, aesthetic and prosthetic point of view, and computer-guided surgery ensures they end up in exactly the right place for osseointegraion (bone growing around the implants for additional support) to take place.

In many cases this means your dental implants can be fitted straight away – at most within 48 hours. That means you'll be proudly showing off your new smile in no time.

At Unidental we offer FREE dental implant consultations at our Stockport practice, so contact us today to book yours.

Using the Digital Smile Design 3D Planning Centre, our implant surgeons are able to precisely plan your implants with the aid of the latest generation of software. There are two stages to this planning process: Pre-Surgical Prosthetic Planning and Implantology Planning.


The Digital Implantology Pilot Guide and Implant Guide maintain the position, inclination and size of your planned implants with the fixture points needed in each case. That means the teeth and mucous membrane are supported, and osseointegration is able to take place for further support.


It's usually possible to create the implants straight away so they can instantly be fitted in your mouth, so long as there is no reason not to do so. This is all thanks to the pre-surgical prosthetic planning carried out before the implant planning.

If the implants aren't fitted on the same day, they will be made up according to the records taken following surgery and will be fitted in the following appointment.