Smoking Cessation

Why You Should Give Up Smoking Today

There are many good reasons to quit smoking.

Amidst old and new researchers over the years, cigarette smoking has been proven to be a trigger factor for many diseases, including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, breast cancer and many others.

smokingWhen it comes to oral health, smoking has no happy ending, either. In addition to the obvious effects – discoloured teeth and bad breath – cigarette smoking is known to cause these serious oral problems:

Mouth cancer

Cancer Research UK says about 2,000 Brits die of oral cancer each year and mortality rates has increased by around 10% in the country over the last ten years.

The number one cause of mouth cancer development is smoking, making cessation an essential change for all smokers aiming for a healthier mind and body.

Gum disease

A study that appeared in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology has indicated that smokers are six times more likely to develop severe gum disease (periodontitis). This is because smoking weakens the body’s immune system.

The study followed 49 smokers getting treatment for gum disease, all of whom had expressed a desire to quit. Nicotine therapy, counselling and medication inspired them to push through with the transformation.

A year later, 20% of the participants had successfully given up the habit. Among the ‘quitter’ group, the researchers saw a significant improvement in their gums and dramatic decline of gum disease symptoms.

Tooth loss

Smoking is also one of the biggest causes of premature tooth loss. Apart from being a cosmetic and functional problem, it can also lead to jaw bone loss, altering the person’s overall facial integrity and structure.

The mantra among health care professionals is completely giving up smoking is the best thing smokers can ever do for their health. Our advice as your dentist is to stop altogether before the disease takes hold.

At Unidental, we will help you quit by giving you information, support and guidance. Commit today and get started on the road dental wellness.