Smile Design

What our dentist in Stockport can do for you

At Unidental, we pride ourselves on providing a truly unique dental experience.Keeping up with the latest in dental technology and with our experienced team of dental staff, we can promise you a warm welcome in a modern and attractive dental practice. From your regular routine check-ups, to a full smile design makeover and everything in between, your dentist in Stockport is here to help you.

Dentist in StockportRoutine check-ups

There are many misconceptions surrounding how often people believe they need to visit their dentist in Stockport for a routine check-up. That is because the frequency at which a person needs to see their dentist depends on the individual. For example, our dentist may wish to see you again after 3 months if a problem or condition has been identified, where as a patient with good oral health may not need another appointment for up to one year.

The main reason that your dentist in Stockport will recommend routine check-ups is so that any dental issues or conditions that could arise if left untreated are found early enough to stop any significant harm to your oral health. As with many health conditions, the earlier it is identified, the more effectively it can be dealt with.

Digital smile design makeover

At the other end of the spectrum of the dental care we provide, is our digital smile design service. As well as routine check-ups to improve the overall health of your mouth, your dentist in Stockport is also dedicated to improving the appearance of your smile cosmetically.

Digital smile design allows you to get involved in designing your new look. It produces a digital version of your perfect smile. It considers not just your physical features but also your vision for your smile. We use photographs, x-rays and models to better understand the relationship of your teeth, gums, lips and the movement of your face. Then, we create a 3D model of your smile on to see the effects of different treatments. This all means you’ll know exactly what to expect.

So whether you want to transform your smile or simply keep your teeth and gums in good shape, it’s well worth getting in touch with our friendly team.