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Emergency Dental Care in Stockport: What You Need to Know

Tooth decay is a serious problem in the UK as even 25% of children 5 years and under have decay in their teeth. Poor health care can lead to undiscovered dental issues that lay the foundation for major issues later on.

However, even people with the best dental hygiene can end up needing emergency dental work.

If you’re located in Stockport, you might end up needing emergency dental help when you least expect it.

Here are your first 6 steps to take when dental disasters strike.

1. Decide The Level Of Emergency

When you feel like you might have encountered a dental emergency, you need to figure out how severe it is. You might just be encountering temporary pain or you might have done permanent damage to your teeth.

Take a moment to assess the situation. The pain may quickly subside if you give yourself a moment.

A trip to the dentist for an emergency, especially one that turns out to be minor, could be many factors more expensive than a standard visit. In order to avoid unnecessary bills, assess the possibilities.

If you have a toothache, try painkillers. If it persists and causes serious pain and discomfort, this is the reason to call a dentist.

An abscess or an infection in your gums could be more severe than just the pain involved. If left untreated, it could result in a serious medical issue.

If you have fillings that have come loose or have broken, you should seek emergency help. A loose filling could expose the nerves in your mouth and give you unbearable pain.

A cracked, broken, knocked out, or otherwise fractured tooth or crown should be fixed immediately.

2. Wash Your Hands

While your first impulse might be to reach into your mouth and deal with the issue, you need to be sure you wash your hands vigorously. You could have exposed wounds or tissues that could lead to an infection in your mouth. If you have an open abscess, you don’t want to make it worth.

Don’t handle broken teeth or pieces with dirty hands.

Washing your hands with warm and soapy water will also help you to calm down and take a step back. Once your hands are clean, you can start dealing with the problem at hand.

3. Take Your Time

You’re going to need to take a deep breath and calm yourself before you start doing anything. Make sure you save any small broken pieces of teeth. While you might think it’s a lost cause, many dentists can repair even the most desperately broken teeth.

Your only concern is to make sure that you keep them moist. Whole milk is the best way to keep them effectively moist in a fluid that is vital to their ability to be repaired.

Believe it or not, spitting into a small container is also very effective. You or a friend should spit into the container with the teeth in it. The bacteria from your mouth will help keep them alive.

Water will break down teeth in a way that the other liquids won’t. If you’re in a bind, a spoonful of salt in a glass of water will help keep the teeth from being broken down. In the worst case scenario, you can keep the teeth or pieces in your mouth, so long as you can keep from swallowing them.

4. Replace Knocked-Out Teeth

If a tooth was completely knocked out, try to place is back in your mouth. Getting it back in will keep it from drying out and maintain its consistency. Dry teeth can change shape and are more liable to be easily damaged.

If the end of the root is rounded and there are no sharp edges, try to fit it back into the socket. You have a short amount of time to get the tooth back into your mouth and to keep the tooth alive.

Avoid touching the root, as you can cause an infection. Only touch teeth by the top.

Rinse the tooth off with water if it was knocked out of your mouth completely. Avoid any chemicals or cleansing soaps of any kind. Don’t worry about sterility, just general cleanliness.

Be gentle when replacing it and hold it in place until you can get help from a dentist. Find some gauze to bite down on in the interim.

5. Apply Constant Pressure

Like any kind of open wound, constant pressure will keep you from losing blood. If you have access to gloves, this can be helpful in avoiding infection. Cover it with a sterile cloth or gauze if you have that around.

Apply pressure with bare hands if absolutely necessary but use a clean and dry cloth above everything else.

Keep applying pressure for at least 15 minutes and don’t worry about how it looks. Peeking will only allow the wound to bleed more. Leave the blood-soaked cloth if it becomes soggy and simply add more.

6. Call Your Regular Dentist

When you encounter a dental emergency, the first call you should make is to your regular dentist. If this is during normal hours, you can probably rush in and they can move some appointments around.

After hours or on weekends, they may have a call service that could connect you to your dentist. Your regular dentist will charge you much less than an emergency specialist randomly chosen from the directory.

Emergency Dental Issues Happen To Everyone

There’s no telling when you’ll need emergency dental help. Dental emergencies can happen as the result of a car accident, or simply biting into the wrong olive. If you maintain great dental hygiene, you will deal with very few dental emergencies in your lifetime.

If you’re curious how dental health factors in with your overall physical health, check out our report on how it all fits together.

Why choose Unidental as your dentist in Stockport?

At Unidental in Stockport, we can offer you comprehensive dental care and up to date dental technology. Our dedicated approach to dental care means you can look forward to  predictable outcomes with healthy foundations for the future of your oral health.

We recognise the importance of a happy, healthy smile to every one of our patients. We are therefore committed to listening to you and understanding your dental aspirations and general dental health needs. If you want a warm welcome in a purpose built modern dental practice and a smile you can be proud of for many years to come, Unidental is the place for you. From a simple routine check-up to a full smile makeover, you are in safe hands with our highly trained dentist in Stockport.

Emergency Dental Care in StockportWhy is dental health so important?

Healthy teeth and gums have more to do than just providing you with a winning smile. Dental diseases can impact your overall wellbeing. Gum disease in particular is linked with increased risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Can I afford my treatments?

We understand that dental procedures aren’t always easily affordable for many people. This is why we are happy to offer a range of payment plans, including a 0% finance option. We always offer competitive prices, but your dentist in Stockport will never compromise on quality of care, materials or technology. Financing your treatment with one of our payment plans is a simple and affordable way of spreading the cost of your dental treatment. This all means that you can finally have the treatment you need or the smile you have always craved.

What if I have a dental emergency?

We understand that accidents happen. We are here to help with emergency dental care. If you require an emergency treatment, we recommend you see our dentist in Stockport as soon as possible. We offer a guaranteed same day service for all dental emergencies. This includes emergencies such as severe toothache, lost or broken crowns, chipped teeth fillings, abscesses, dental trauma and swelling. We can take care of your dental accidents and injuries to ensure you heal quicker and more effectively. By handling your dental emergency promptly, you may be able to avoid additional dental problems in the future.

When to call the emergency dentist: common dental emergencies

If you need an emergency dentist in Stockport, contact Unidental as soon as possible on 0161 480 8040. We offer same-day appointments for all dental emergencies, and if you need an out-of-hours dentist you can find advice by calling the same number.

emergency-dentistThere are many reasons you might need an emergency dentist, from lost or broken teeth to dental abscesses or unbearable toothache. Below are some common dental emergencies, along with what your Stockport emergency dentist might do.

Unbearable toothache

Dental pain can be severe, and even if it is mild should never be ignored. If you have mild or intermittent tooth ache, contact Unidental Stockport and book the next available appointment with your dentist. Over-the-counter painkillers may help temporarily, until you can get to the practice.

When toothache is unbearable, you need an emergency dentist. The most common causes of toothache are broken/damaged teeth, and infection.

The first thing we will do is get you out of pain. We may be able to remove any decay and repair a broken or damaged tooth in a single appointment, but if your tooth is infected you will need root canal treatment, which will require two or more appointments at our Stockport clinic. At the first appointment we will make sure we do not leave you in pain.

Broken tooth

Teeth can be easily broken in accidents or injuries involving the mouth, face, or head. If you still have a broken-off piece of tooth, your Stockport dentist may be able to bond it back together, so bring it to your appointment.

Alternatively, we can repair teeth using a variety of methods, including white fillings, composite bonding, veneers, onlays or inlays at our Stockport clinic.

Tooth knocked out

Sometimes you can put your own tooth back in the socket, but you still need an emergency dentist. NEVER attempt to put a child’s milk tooth back in the socket as this can affect the developing adult tooth. Bring your child to our Stockport clinic instead.

Don’t touch the root of your tooth and keep it clean – covered in milk or your saliva – if you can’t put it back in.