conscious sedation

What’s so scary about the dentist?

Far too many people express a fear of visiting the dentist. Some people live for years with significant pain and discomfort because they are too frightened to see the dentist. Sadly, ignoring oral health problems only leads to more problems.It’s the responsibility of the dental profession to allay people’s fears by ensuring their experience at the dental clinic is as easy and comfortable as possible. The Unidental dentists in Stockport are already proud of the high standard of care but are nonetheless always looking for ways to improve processes and treatments for their patients in Stockport. Dentists don’t have to be scary!

dentist-in-stockportSo what are people afraid of? Most think that the dentist will hurt them. Nowadays, dentists are very carefully trained to minimise pain as they check people’s teeth. In addition, modern medical advances mean that tools and techniques have evolved to enable a more comfortable and less intrusive experience for most patients.A skilled dentist can inject a local anaesthetic into any part of the gum without hearing a scream! Unfortunately, it tends to be the patients who most fear the dentist who need the dentists’ help the most and who are therefore the most likely to experience pain during their treatment.

However, having someone sticking metal tools into your mouth is not always going to be fun. This is where ‘bedside manner’ comes into its own. Patients need to feel relaxed and confident when they arrive at the clinic. They need to see reassuring and friendly staff throughout and particularly when they get into the dentist’s room. For many the array of high-tech paraphernalia in the room is impressive and quite exciting, but for others it’s intimidating. It’s at this point that the dentist really has to be at their best to instil confidence in patients and ensure the inspection and any treatments are carried out smoothly and painlessly.

TV programmes such as the BBC’s ‘The truth about your teeth’ have played a useful role in reassuring people scared of the dentist that dentistry is not a form of torture. The programme followed real cases and demonstrated that dentists are actually caring and gentle as well as promoting the importance of dental hygiene from childhood. Unidental is happy to provide a warm and caring welcome to nervous patients who need to visit the dentist in Stockport.

Beating fear of the dentist and getting back to oral health

If you are scared of the dentist, you may feel very isolated. Unidental in Stockport is committed to helping nervous dental patients find a road back to treatment, and the whole team will work with you to help you back to oral health.

sedation-dentistryIn fact, you are far from alone; one in ten adults is so scared of dental treatment they don’t go to regular check-ups. This only makes things worse in the long-term, because they eventually have to visit an emergency dentist, and are likely to already be in serious pain and a heightened state of anxiety.

The ideal solution is to overcome your dental anxiety, get any problems treated, and then be able to attend check-ups as regularly as your dentist advises. Of course, at our Stockport clinic we appreciate this is much easier said than done, which is why we are committed to working with you at your own pace, to help your conquer your fear of the dentist once and for all.

Fear and phobia of the dentist has a wide range of causes. These range from a bad experience during childhood to a worry that the dental team will judge you for having poor oral health. Other people cite a specific trigger – the drill, the needle, the smell or touch of Latex gloves – as being responsible for their anxiety.

Even if you can’t identify a definitive reason behind your fear of the dentist, Unidental in Stockport can help.

One of the best ways for patients to relax whilst visiting the dentist is to have conscious sedation. This isn’t the same as the general anaesthetic you may have had for hospital procedures; you will be awake and able to cooperate with your dentist, but will be in a state of deep peace and relaxation, largely unaware of your treatment.

Indeed, many patients who have dental sedation at our Stockport clinic remember nothing about treatment afterwards. If they do, however, it can often help them to beat their fears going forward.

Dental sedation will be provided by fully-qualified sedationists at our Stockport practice, and you will be closely monitored at all stages of treatment.