A Simple Guide: Dental Implant Placement

Considering a dental implant? If you have loose or missing teeth, or a denture you simply struggle to tolerate, the chances are you’ve considered dental implants. If you are considering implants or your dentist has recommended implant treatment, there is a good chance you are considering the steps involved.   

We have created a quick and easy guide to the steps involved in dental implant placement here at Unidental: 

  1. Initial Consultation  

The first step is to attend for a consultation. At your consultation, you will meet with your dedicated treatment coordinator who will take the time to discuss your concerns. Your treatment coordinator will take a series of clinical photographs, and will escort you into your appointment with one of our expert implant dentists. During this appointment, your dentist will do a comprehensive dental exam, assessing the health of your mouth, gums and jaws. Your dentist will assess your suitability for a dental implant. Suitable candidates for dental implants have the following attributes: 

  • Missing one or more teeth 
  • Damaged tooth 
  • Good oral hygiene 
  • Sufficient bone in the jaw to support implants 
  • Overall decent physical health 

If for any reason, you are deemed unsuitable for a dental implant, the team will discuss the next steps, and any treatment required prior to beginning your dental implant procedure.  

A detailed CBT (3D) scan is taken of your mouth and jaws, allowing us to plan your case to perfection.  

Your dentist and coordinator will talk to you about the recommended treatment plan, going over the steps of the procedure, the time-frame for treatment, and what to do during recovery. We also discuss whether or not you need a bone graft. Finance options will be discussed in detail, and you will be given plenty of information to take away and consider. Your treatment plan is designed and tailored with you in mind, and each plan is different according to the patient’s individual needs.  

2. Planning 

To plan your case with such remarkable precision, we need to gather vital information.  

At your planning appointment, we will take photographs, scans and a CBT (3D) radiograph. With specialised software, we transform these details into a virtual image of your teeth, gums and jaws. We can now accurately place your implant on screen, avoiding adjacent teeth and important nerves.  

Your unique digital plan is manipulated to provide your dentist with a surgical guide. This rests in your mouth, providing us with the perfect platform to deliver your implant(s) in the ideal position. 

 3. First phase of treatment  

The first phase of treatment involves the removal of any teeth which are being replaced with dental implants. Our clinicians will provide you with a temporary replacement solution (temporary denture or temporary bridge) to wear whilst you undertake the remainder of your treatment (where necessary). Most importantly – if you are missing a front tooth, you won’t be left with a gap!  

If a bone graft is required, this will be delivered at this appointment. Following a bone graft procedure, you can require up to 9 months of healing time before your jaw is ready for the first implant.  

4. Implant Placement 

The next phase of treatment is your implant placement. The dental implant is made of titanium and is gently placed in your jaw bone. This procedure usually takes 1-2 hours. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, ensuring you are comfortable throughout. For more anxious patients, we offer dental sedation to keep you calm and relaxed during your appointment.   

Once your implant has been placed, your implant dentist will place a healing cap to protect your implant. If your implant is replacing a visible tooth – you will be provided with a temporary implant crown or bridge so you are not left with a gap.   

After you’ve had the implant placed, it is important to allow time for the site to heal, and your implant to integrate with your jaw bone. This process usually takes up to 3 months.  

5. Implant Uncover  

Once your tissues have healed, we remove your healing cap or temporary crown/bridge and take a series of impressions to create your permanent abutment (the attachment that connects your implant to the crown) and permanent crown/bridge. Your impressions are sent to a specialised laboratory where your final implant work is created, bespoke for you. This is a quick, pain-free appointment. You can expect to spend around 30 minutes at your appointment, and no local anaesthetic is required.

6. Final Fitting 

3 weeks later – Unidental receives your final implant crown from the laboratory, and it is ready to be fitted. Again, no local anaesthetic is required. Your dentist gently removes your healing cap/temporary crown, and places your final implant crown. Treatment is complete and you walk away with a new smile.  

7. Maintenance  

Once your implant has been placed, routine maintenance is extremely important. We take this very seriously at Unidental, and our team will take the time to explain what is required. Strict oral hygiene is crucial to the long-term success of your implant, and we will take every step to assist you. You will be offered opportunity to join our enhanced care plan – which entitles you to 2 x dental health examinations, and 4 x hygiene appointments per year. Plan members also benefit from an additional 10% off any required treatment in the future.  

As a minimum, we recommend that all implant patients attend for an annual implant screening appointment, to check the health of the implant and the surrounding tissues. The majority of our implants are successful and without issue, but should a problem arise, success rates are much higher when caught early.  

Undertaking dental implant treatment is a big decision. It is not a quick-fix treatment, and the planning and procedure can take several months. It is important to remember that if cared for correctly, implants can last for many, many years (in some cases, a lifetime). Implants are the closest replica to your natural teeth, bringing back your smile, allowing you to chew properly, and restoring your confidence.  

At Unidental, we offer dental implants for as little as £1730.00 (£36.33/month). To book a complimentary implant consultation for you or a loved one, telephone our team of experts on 0161 480 8040.

daughter kissing mother and giving her present

All You Need to Know About Getting Veneers in Stockport

Celebrities have the best smiles, don’t they? They flash those pearly whites on red carpets and we turn green with envy.

If we could only be born with perfect teeth like them…

The truth is, many of them weren’t born with perfect teeth. They didn’t get braces either. So how did they get those gorgeous gnashers?

In most cases, they got veneers. If you’re thinking about getting veneers to give your smile a boost, we’re about to tell you everything you need to know first.

What are Veneers?

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise in the U.K., fueled by pressure to have the perfect look. Dental veneers are one of the easiest ways to get it.

Veneers are thin pieces of material colored to match your natural tooth that gets cemented to the surface of your natural tooth. There are two main types of veneers, composite and porcelain.

To clarify, all porcelain is a type of ceramic, but not all ceramics are porcelain. In dentistry, any product made from a non-metallic, inorganic material processed by firing gets categorized as “ceramic.”

Bonded composite is from resin and silica. It gets shaped, molded, and bonds to your tooth.

How Long Do They Last?

With proper care, dental veneers should last you around 10 years. Like your natural teeth, they will have some wear and tear on them as time passes.

That’s considering they don’t chip, crack, or break. Like a natural tooth, veneers are prone to these damages too.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of veneers varies by dental office. Veneers are only covered by NHS if there is a clinical need, not cosmetic. If you have a clinical need, the cost is 256.50 pounds.

In the private sector, composite veneers are less expensive. They can run from 200-500 pounds per tooth. Porcelain is 500-1000 pounds per tooth.

These numbers are general costs. Your dentist will go over all the costs at your initial consultation or at a later meeting.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The good news is most people are good candidates for dental veneers! If you want to whiten your teeth after years of smoking or drinking coffee or only to give you a brighter smile, veneers will help. Studies found that veneers are stain-resistant to a large degree.

Sometimes, veneers help with crooked or gapped teeth. While they don’t fix the positioning of your teeth, they will cover them so they hide minor orthodontic problems. If you suffer from an underlying condition, your dentist may suggest braces or other orthodontic procedures instead of veneers.

Another reason for getting veneers is for damaged enamel. Enamel gets worn down from various activities like brushing or eating/drinking acidic foods and drinks. Lost enamel can’t grow back so veneers is an option to protect your teeth in this case.

Your dentist will go over all the concerns and reasons for getting veneers so you’re comfortable with your decision.

5 Things to Know About Getting Veneers

We’ve gone over a lot about what a veneer is and how they benefit you, but it’s time to review some things you may not know about veneers.

1. You Don’t Have to Veneer All Your Teeth

Now you know how pricey getting veneers is, you can rest assured knowing you don’t have to do every tooth. A lot of people get veneers on the few teeth in the front of their mouth.

2. One Smile Doesn’t Fit All

Not everyone’s mouth has the same shape. Likewise, not all teeth fit the same. If you take a photo of a celebrity to your cosmetic dentist and say, “Make me look like this!” They may not be able to.

Veneers are custom-made and most dentists will explain how different shapes and colors will look inside your mouth. Don’t get discouraged you won’t look like the Duchess of Cambridge. A good dentistry professional will improve your smile, not give you someone else’s.

3. It Takes More Than One Visit

The first thing you do is make a consult appointment with your selected dentist. During the consultation, you can tell them what you’re looking for as a final result. They will explain costs with you and your specific plan.

After your initial consultation with your dentist, you’ll make several trips back to their office. You’ll need to have molds, X-rays, and photographs taken. They’ll schedule you for the procedure and you’ll also need a follow-up.

The Oral Health Foundation recommends regular dental checkups that include routine cleanings and other preventative care.

4. The Procedure Itself Takes a While

The procedure takes a few hours, depending on how many veneers you’re getting. The dentist will give you local anesthesia for the area getting worked on.

Then the dentist will prep your tooth/teeth by grinding or shaving off the natural enamel. This helps the bonding process. It’s not painful and the dentist will only remove around .5 millimeters.

Then the cementing begins! If you opt for a composite veneer, the bonding process will start. When the work is complete, you’ll be off on your way. Your mouth may be a little sore, but it won’t last long.

If you should need to get a veneer replaced, your dentist will grind off the veneer and go through the original process. Don’t worry, your dentist is a professional and won’t grind into your natural tooth.

5. You Have to Take Care of Them

Veneers are permanent, for at least 10 years anyway, and you need to treat them the same way as your natural teeth. This means you have to brush, floss, and show good oral hygiene on a regular basis.

Wear oral protection if you’re engaging in physical activities.

Even though your teeth are tools that help you eat, they are not tools for opening packages! You also shouldn’t use them to loosen knots or as scissors. Not only can you chip your expensive veneer, you’re inviting germs into your mouth.

Finally, be mindful not to grind your teeth. If you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep or out of habit, address these concerns with your dentist.

Classic Meets Modern

Getting veneers isn’t as scary as it sounds. In fact, as long as you choose the right dentist, it can be a smooth and easy procedure.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Stockport experienced in porcelain veneers, you’ve come to the right place! UniDental is a reputable cosmetic dentist in Stockport, Greater Manchester who puts our patients first.

We perform a wide range of dental treatments from cosmetic procedures to family dentistry. We provide our dental services at competitive prices but don’t compromise on materials or professionalism.

Classical meets modern that is the Unidental way. Contact us today and be on your way to a brighter smile!

Dental Implants: Are They Right For Me?

When it comes to dental implants, many people report that they feel frightened or unsure about going ahead with implant treatment. Fear is the main barrier to patients openly communicating with us about their dental implant options. We have created this blog post to educate our readers and patients on the most common concerns relating to dental implants, and the correct response to those concerns. Too often, people make a decision based on hearsay. We are here to answer your concerns truthfully and directly.

Concern 1: I’m afraid of the dental implant procedure.

Fear is commonly associated with visiting the dentist. More advanced procedures, such as dental implant placement, carry a weightier load than the average dental visit. In most cases, fear simply stems from the unknown. People report that they have heard implant ‘horror stories’ and couldn’t possibly go ahead with treatment. At Unidental, we take implant placement extremely seriously. Whilst we recognise that each individual is different in their response to pain, discomfort and recovery, we can state with confidence that implant placement is pain-free.  Every implant placement we carry out is subject to strict diagnostic testing and digital planning. We place your implant using minimally invasive surgery and tools to ensure maximum accuracy. With such careful planning, our implants are placed quickly, painlessly, and precisely as planned.

Some slight discomfort following your implant placement is normal, although this is minimal and usually resolved with over-the-counter pain relief. Patients report that discomfort following implant placement is no worse than a common dental extraction.

Concern 2: Dental implants are too expensive.

Dental implants are certainly not something we would consider cheap. Implants are made with strong surgical metals like those used in hip replacements and other implant surgeries. Implant placement is a procedure which requires knowledge, skill, and experience. We provide only the very best planning, materials, and treatment delivery, to ensure your implant has the very best long-term prognosis.

Missing teeth have a detrimental effect on our quality of life. Missing teeth cause embarrassment, affect how people perceive us, and can directly impact our weight and overall health. Implants are the gold-standard treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Far superior to removable dentures, or dental bridges, and the closest replica to a real tooth, implants naturally carry a larger fee. We ask patients to consider a few key points if they are contemplating a dental implant:

  1. If you were to put £1 in a jar every time you hid your smile, what would that add up to?
  2. What is smiling and eating confidently worth to you?
  3. What other costs will be incurred replacing dentures and/or dental bridges throughout your lifetime?

When we consider the above factors, dental implants might be considered more valuable than first thought. The average fee for a dental implant is around £2500. At Unidental, we believe that a healthy smile is a necessity, which is why we are proud to offer our patients dental implants for as little as £1700. Our finance options (including 0%) allow you to spread the cost of your dental implant for up to 5 years, paying as little as £36.33/month (terms and conditions apply).

Concern 3: I’m too old for a dental implant.

Too often we hear patients report that they are ‘too old’ for dental implants. Age is relative, and is not specifically used to assess suitability for dental implants. No-one is too old to enjoy smiling, eating, and living healthily, and tooth loss does not have to be an expected rite of passage as we get older. Replacing awkward acrylic dentures which often become ill-fitting as we age, dental implants provide the comfort and confidence to enjoy your retirement years.


Concern 4: I haven’t looked after my teeth, so there is no point starting now.

This is an extremely common response when we discuss dental implants with patients. More often than not, we hear patients report that there is ‘just no point’, or they ‘don’t deserve’ a dental implant. We are here to be a little bit upfront, and say that yes, you do deserve a dental implant. There are a lot of different factors that can cause tooth loss, from smoking, to diabetes, to poor oral hygiene. Whatever the reason for tooth loss, every person deserves the right to smile and chew confidently.

At Unidental, we provide you with your dream smile, but more importantly we provide you with the tools to maintain your smile after you leave us. Whatever your level of confidence when it comes to brushing and taking care of your teeth, we will support you in every way we can to maintain your new smile at home. We offer health maintenance packages which allow our implant patients to visit us for regular maintenance, and for minimal costs.

For any patients looking to explore their implant options, we offer complimentary consultations at our Stockport practice. Our friendly team of experts will carefully assess you and provide you with a tailored plan to suit your individual needs. With no obligation attached, it is a wonderful opportunity to explore your options in relaxed surroundings. Telephone the Unidental team on 0161 480 8040 to book your FREE CONSULTATION today.

Dentistry: The Unidental Way

For many of us, visiting the dentist can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Selecting the right dental practice is often a challenge that will make or break your ability to attend. Too many patients report that they have been unable to attend a dental practice for many years due to a previous bad experience. We want to make that challenge easy!

Unidental is a unique dental clinic located in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Using the very latest dental technology, we adopt a revolutionary digital workflow, from diagnosis, through design and planning, to treatment delivery. We recognise the importance of a great smile, which is why we are committed to listening to patients, and understanding their smile aspirations. The Unidental team are continually striving to offer the ultimate experience, from a warm welcome in our purpose-built contemporary environment, to a life-transforming smile. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of care from a simple examination, to a full smile make-over. We pride ourselves on our ability to help patients make an informed choice, aided by our groundbreaking visual technology. As a large provider of dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments, our goal is to provide affordable dental excellence for all. We promise the warmest of welcomes in our state-of-the-art clinic.

The Team

At Unidental, our team stop at nothing to deliver a 5-star service. Our clinical team offers high-quality private dental care, working alongside a passionate and committed support team. All team-members have undertaken extensive training, with a real emphasis on patient care. Their enthusiasm and continual development ensures they are up-to-date with the most advanced techniques, and provide dental care with a high level of precision and expertise.

The Products

Various dental products now litter the market, from Invisalign, to ‘All On 4’ dental implants. At Unidental, we are proud to have produced our own line of dental products, products which deliver the quality and affordability championed by our team.


We understand that a beautiful mouth is a healthy mouth, and that’s why we are committed to showing our patients how life-changing a beautiful smile can be. SmyDesign is a revolutionary digital-smile-design system that enables patients to see exactly how their new smile will look, before committing to treatment. Whatever cosmetic dental procedure is being considered, our experts are able to work with our patients to deliver the smile they have always dreamed of.

SmyDesign offers dentists a unique digital treatment planning system (for all dental disciplines), which provides a fantastic tool for communication with patients. Such groundbreaking technology in turn delivers 3D mock-ups and ‘trial smiles’, and enables treatment to run simply and smoothly.


The SmyOne digital implant system means that, in many cases, we can place dental implants instantly. The system enables us to plan the placement of implants in the best position from an aesthetic, prosthetic and biological point of view. It also incorporates computer-guided surgery, ensuring implants are placed in the correct location, at the exact angle and depth required. All SmyOne solutions begin with a unique digital plan, which allows treatment to run simply and smoothly.

Using the SmyOne system has several benefits for patients, who no longer have to go through several months of implant treatment, but instead receive their new smile in a day. The surgery is precise and minimally invasive, and requires fewer visits to the dentist.


SmySecret is a digital orthodontic system of near-invisible aligners. SmySecret provides the perfect solution for patients who need orthodontic treatment but don’t want to wear visible braces, and at a fraction of the cost of leading market brands such as Invisalign. The SmySecret system is endorsed by world-leading orthodontists, such as Professor David Suárez-Quintanilla.

Like all SmyLife products, SmySecret starts with a unique digital plan. Using a bespoke set of SmySecret aligners, this state-of-the-art orthodontic system can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Unidental Services

SmyLab Exclusives

  • SmyDesign
  • SmyOne
  • SmySecret
  • SmyWhite

Unidental Cosmetics

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Metal-Free Crowns
  • Orthodontics
  • Digital-Smile-Design
  • Ceramic Studio
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Gum Alignment

Unidental Tooth Replacement

  • Dentures
  • Metal-Free Bridges
  • Digitally Designed Dental Implants

Unidental Skin Clinic

  • Wrinkle-Smoothing
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancement

Unidental Extras

  • Digital Planning
  • Trial Smiles
  • Specialist Periodontal Treatment
  • Oral Surgery
  • Cerezen
  • Conscious Sedation
  • Invisalign
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Solutions

What Our Patients Say

At Unidental, our patients are our biggest supporters, with many of our new patients attending through word-of-mouth recommendation. We are so confident in the services we deliver, that we offer complimentary consultations at the practice, for anyone interested in any kind of dental treatment. In your complimentary consultation, you will spend an hour with your dedicated treatment coordinator. In this hour, you will meet with your treating dentist, who will assess three key areas of your mouth: health, function, and cosmetics. The Unidental team will take the time to provide a treatment plan tailored to your needs, and together, you will relax over a drink and discuss your options for a brighter, healthier smile.

If you would like to book a complimentary consultation at our Stockport practice, telephone our lovely front-of-house team on 0161 480 8040. Together, let’s find your smile. 

Beautiful smile and white teeth of a young woman.

Invisalign Pros and Cons: Are They Better Than Braces?

The popularity of Invisalign has grown hugely in recent years.

It’s easy to see why the idea of achieving straight teeth without unsightly wires is so popular. But does it really work? Over 96% of patients say it does.

If you’re wondering what Invisalign is all about, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll break down all the Invisalign pros and cons, weighing it up against regular braces.

Everything You Need to Know the Invisalign Pros and Cons

Read on to find out why so many people are choosing to straighten their teeth the invisible way.

Why Choose Invisalign vs Braces

Here’s what makes Invisalign more convenient and comfortable for patients.

More Subtle Appearance

One of the main worries people have about braces is how they look. For some, the idea of having a mouth full of metal for a year or two is rather daunting.

When you have Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about that.

They’re made out of clear plastic, which makes them almost impossible to see.

Like regular braces, Invisalign treatment can involve attachments These usually include small ‘buttons’ which are bonded to the teeth in order to grip the aligners. Buttons are always tooth-colored, maintaining the subtle appearance that patients are looking for.

Other attachments can include hooks and rubber bands. Cases vary according to the needs of each individual patient.

Easier to Maintain

Invisalign is much easier to maintain than traditional braces.

It can be difficult to clean certain foods out of wires and brackets. With Invisalign, you don’t have to do that. That’s because you simply take them out before you eat.

It doesn’t take much to keep Invisalign trays looking clean and clear. All you have to do is soak them. You can do this while you’re eating.

Some dentists will provide you with retainer cleaning tablets or crystals to help you with this. If you leave your trays in water with these, they’ll be sparkling after just a few minutes.

To remove any excess saliva or stains, you can brush them lightly with a toothbrush. Don’t use toothpaste, as it could cause the trays to become scratched or cloudy.

No Food Restrictions

The fact that Invisalign trays need to be removed before eating means there are no food restrictions.

This is great news for people who love chewy, sticky foods like caramel and licorice, or hard foods like nuts, pretzels, and bagels.

If you have regular braces, these foods can be a nightmare. They either get stuck in them, requiring lots of meticulous brushing and flossing to remove or damage them. That’s why people with braces are advised to avoid them altogether.

You don’t have these restrictions with Invisalign. During your treatment, you can continue eating all your favorite foods!

However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind.

While you’re wearing Invisalign, it’s best to drink only water. This is because certain drinks can cause the trays to become discolored. Sipping on coffee, tea or red wine will result in unsightly stains, making your invisible braces not so invisible.

Aligners are generally only worn for two weeks at a time, so if they do become stained, it’s not a long-term issue.


Braces usually have to be worn for 18 months or two years. In some cases, they’re required to be worn for even longer. The long-term commitment is what puts a lot of prospective patients off.

Invisalign is much faster. In most cases, treatment is finished in around one year. That means you don’t have to wait so long to get beautiful, straight teeth.

Some people only need to wear it for around six months. These patients usually only need minimal correction for their teeth, and can use a quicker version of Invisalign called Invisalign Lite.

More Hygienic

When you wear braces, food and bacteria can easily become stuck. Brackets and wires make teeth much more difficult to clean, and as a result, they’re much more susceptible to decay.

With Invisalign, it’s quite the opposite. Food never comes into contact with the aligners, as they’re removed before eating. After every meal, patients brush and floss before putting the aligners back in.

If anything, patients’ oral hygiene becomes much better as a result.

See Your Results Before You Start

One great selling point of Invisalign is that it allows you to see exactly what results you can expect to get.

Before you start, scans of your teeth are used to create a 3D rendering of your treatment. This is called a ClinCheck, and patients can use it to click through every stage of their treatment, seeing how their teeth will change position after wearing each set of aligners.

Fewer Appointments

Invisalign doesn’t require frequent visits to the orthodontist to make adjustments.

In fact, patients only need to visit their clinic every few months. During these quick visits, all they have to do is check that treatment is going according to plan and pick up new aligners. No painful adjustments are required!

Why Choose Braces vs Invisalign

Despite the rise of Invisalign, lots of patients still opt for standard braces. Here’s why.


For many patients, it simply comes down to cost. Metal braces are much cheaper than Invisalign, and for some people, price is the priority.

This is particularly common in families with multiple children needing orthodontic treatment.

More Effective for Complicated Cases

While Invisalign works well for most people, there are some cases that it can’t handle. It can be used to correct overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, spacing and more, but it does have some limitations.

Patients requiring very complicated treatment are often advised to use braces. Usually, this involves severe bite problems or complex tooth movements.

Choose the Right Orthodontist

Now that you know the Invisalign pros and cons, you can decide which treatment is best for you.

At Unidental, we are dedicated to providing top-notch dental treatments. No matter which one you choose, you can guarantee that you’ll achieve the beautiful smile you’re looking for.

Each treatment is personalised to suit the needs of the patient, and we take extra care to make it as comfortable, stress-free and easy as possible. That’s why we’re the best dental clinic in Stockport.

Considering dental implants?

Missing teeth can make you feel less confident and stop you smiling. You might even find you can’t eat your favourite dishes anymore. More worryingly than that, teeth next to the gap can start to slide into the space left behind, meaning they too can be in danger of being lost.

Dental Implants in StockportThe go-to traditional methods for tooth replacement, whether for one or many teeth, is with a denture or bridge. However, these options often come with problems of their own such as shrinking gums and loss of bone density in the jawbone. Eventually this leads to ill-fitting prosthetics, a shrinking face and pretty uncomfortable eating and talking experiences. Dentures and bridges are not always the best solution. If you are looking for a tooth replacement option, it is well worth considering dental implants in Stockport.

What’s so good about implants?

Quick, comprehensive treatment

If you are a good candidate for dental implants in Stockport, the chances are you will be able to enjoy a natural-looking tooth replacement in a very short period of time. Sometimes it is even possible to secure a temporary tooth to your new implant on the same day as your fitting. To make sure we get your tooth replacement looking great we use digital technology to plan everything, ensuring the right position of your implants both biologically and aesthetically. The aim is to make sure you end up with a long-lasting, strong and natural-looking tooth replacement.

A natural smile you can feel confident about

Having one tooth a little off colour is a dead giveaway that something is different in your mouth. To make sure you feel comfortable with the new tooth, or teeth, we colour-match your implants to fit with your natural teeth. This is the key to a natural-looking result. What’s more, because Stockport dental implants are fitted into your jawbone, the replacement tooth sits in the gum, just like your natural teeth should. They really do look just as if you grew them yourself.

There are plenty more reasons why dental implants are a great tooth replacement option. Book in for a consultation with us for more information and advice.

Ways that your dentist in Stockport helps you to relax

Some people find visiting the dentist an unpleasant or difficult experience. If this applies to you, the team at Unidental wants you to know that things do not have to be this way. There are ways to have a better experience and we are always looking for methods to refine and improve the patient experience.

Dentist in StockportWhen you visit the dentist in Stockport at our clinic, we think you will be surprised by the environment and the treatment process. Even if you have a high level of anxiety, you can talk to us about changing your experience when you visit Unidental.

These are just some of the ways that we provide a great environment for you when you visit the dentist in Stockport:

Environmental factors

Many people associate the dentist with harsh sensory experiences such as clinical smells, bright lights and scary looking equipment. At Unidental, we are mindful of this and so, when you first walk into our clinic, you should experience a soft environment with clean, fresh smells and a welcoming team.


We give you plenty of time to relax, ask questions and tell us about yourself when you first visit Unidental. We do not want you to feel rushed. We are here to listen and to help adapt your experience of visiting the dentist in Stockport to meet your needs.

Treatment co-ordinator

At Unidental, we provide you with a single point of contact for all of your treatment. This is someone who will understand the details of your treatment and who will help to ensure that your needs are met. This means you will not have to repeat yourself with each visit and, over time, we can mould your treatment process into something that works for you.


For some treatments, you may wish to consider the possibility of sedation if you are feeling particularly anxious. This might include medication or perhaps inhalation sedation. Many patients find the latter to be highly effective. This is where you inhale an oxygen and nitrous oxide mixture which causes you to feel very relax. This is absorbed and processed by the body rapidly, so it does not impair your ability to continue with your day after treatment.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Unidental, and to our weekly blog. We believe in providing our patients with a unique dental experience. Our private dental clinic is located in Stockport, Greater Manchester. At Unidental, we pride ourselves on providing the latest advancements in dental technology, and the very warmest of welcomes.

In addition to general dentistry, we offer advanced solutions in cosmetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, and restorative dentistry. Furthermore, we offer an exclusive range of products and services, from sMyOne (dental implants), to sMySecret (transparent braces), to sMyDesign (digital smile design).

At Unidental, we believe in bringing kindness and dentistry together. We provide dental care in the most relaxed of surroundings, by a highly-trained team who truly understand the importance of patient care. We champion open and honest communication, and work to develop strong levels of trust between our patients and the team. Our weekly blog will be a new form of communication with the practice, and a place to stay up-to-date with the Unidental team and our interaction with the Stockport community.

We will be updating our blog weekly and welcome your comments. We love to hear your thoughts and ideas on developments we are making, and new services being introduced.

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What do your teeth say about you?

There’s no doubt that our teeth influence the way we feel about ourselves. If you feel like your smile could use some work, you are less likely to use it. This means fewer moments of social connection plus you lose the happy hormone boost that you get when you flash your grin. Fortunately, Unidental is on hand to help you address any issue you have with your smile. We can use cosmetic treatments to refine, brighten and restore your teeth.

Dental Implants in StockportPerhaps one of the most noticeable problems you can have with your smile is gaps. Missing teeth are hard to miss, and you can end up being aware of them most of the time. This has a knock-on effect on your confidence.

What can you do?

There are several ways that you can address the problem of missing teeth. We can discuss your options when you visit us at Unidental. Many people opt for dental implants in Stockport. These are an excellent solution because they restore the smile in a way that appears natural.

How do you get dental implants in Stockport?

At Unidental, we are always happy to guide our patients through the process of tooth restoration using dental implants in Stockport. Our team is here to support you at every stage. Your first step is to book a consultation with us so that we can check that you are suitable for dental implants and offer you all the information that you need.

Most people are either fine to go ahead with dental implants or they need a little preparatory work which will then allow them to have the treatment. It’s rare that dental implants are completely out of the question for someone. Even under these special circumstances, we can still discuss alternative methods of tooth replacement.

What kind of preparatory work might be required?

Once you have your consultation with Unidental, we can let you know whether you have the optimum conditions in your mouth for dental implants. If you do not, we can create a treatment plan that will change this for you. This might include extraction work or a bone graft to improve your jawbone density.

Dentist examining a patient's teeth in the dentist.

9 Benefits of Having a Clean Mouth and Teeth

As you get older having frequent dental visits and a clean mouth and teeth are more important than ever.

Whether you have all of your original teeth or a full set of dentures, it is crucial to keep an eye on your oral health.

In fact, the older you get, the more important dental health becomes. While it can be easy to forget about compared to more pressing matters, visiting the dentist twice a year is essential to having a clean mouth and teeth.

Read on to learn about the benefits or good oral hygiene.

9 Benefits of Having a Clean Mouth and Teeth

By keeping up with your regularly scheduled dental visits, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of having clean teeth.

1. It Can Prevent Cavities

Have you noticed that a white film builds up on your teeth throughout the day? That substance is called plaque and it is the main cause of tooth decay. When plaque sits on your teeth for an extended amount of time, it’s acidic chemicals destroy your tooth enamel.

Brushing and flossing twice a day helps to alleviate this issue and prevent plaque from causing cavities. However, it can be difficult to remove all of it. A professional cleaning at the dentist will remove all of the plaque and protect your teeth from cavities.

2. It Can Prevent Gum Disease

Another harmful result of plaque build-up is that it hardens to become tartar. This is a substance that can only be removed by the dentist. If left unattended, it tartar can cause periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease affects the tissues surrounding your teeth that hold them in place. While periodontal disease is usually the result of poor dental health if you are a smoker, your risk factors for periodontal disease increase dramatically.

Left untreated, periodontal disease will cause sore and bleeding gums as well as extreme pain while chewing.

3. Having a Clean Mouth and Teeth Can Prevent Tooth Loss

When periodontal diseases escalate, the plaque moves from the teeth down to the area around your tooth’s roots. There its acidic properties can attack and destroy the bones in your jaw.

This is what causes tooth loss among adults. By scheduling regular cleanings, your dentist can monitor the condition of your gums and jaw bones.

4. It Gets Rid of Stubborn Bad Breath

Is there anything worse than talking to someone who is suffering from serious halitosis? You end up spending more time thinking about a polite way to offer them a mint or stick of gum then actually listening to what they are saying.

Lingering bad breath is frustrating for everyone. This means that even after you brush your teeth, the bad breath returns again quickly. Bad breath is caused by the bacteria that live in your mouth.

The only way to get rid of stubborn bacteria in your mouth is a visit to the dentist for a professional dental cleaning. You need to follow that up with a rigorous oral hygiene routine, otherwise, your bad breath problems will persist.

5. It Will Brighten Your Smile

Pretty much all of our favourite beverages can stain your teeth. The list includes coffee, tea, cand red wine and well, we certainly can’t imagine giving all of those things up!

Did you know that your teeth are made up of multiple layers? Under your tooth enamel, there is a bone-like tissue called dentin. As you get older, the outer enamel of your teeth thins which allows the yellow dentin to show through the enamel.

While toothpaste can remove some of the stains, having a dental cleaning will remove the more stubborn stains leaving you with a brighter smile.

6. It Minimises the Occurrence of Diabetes

Did you know that being over 45 increases your chances of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? And the risk factor is exacerbated for people who are overweight or obese.

Diabetes is also connected to gum disease. Periodontal diseases limit your body’s ability to process insulin. Additionally, severe gum diseases can affect your body’s ability to control its blood glucose levels. This can actually cause diabetes to get worse.

7. Ignoring Your Oral Health Increases Your Risk of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an infection that affects your lungs. It causes inflammation in the air sacs in your lungs which makes it difficult to breathe. In older adults, pneumonia can be debilitating or even downright fatal.

In order adults, having poor oral health can lead to pneumonia. Don’t forget that any of the bacteria that is left to gestate in your mouth is being breathed into your lungs as well. When you breath bacterial droplets into your lungs, you are leaving yourself susceptible to pneumonia

8. You Will Enjoy Improvements to Your Overall Health

Your oral health and general health are deeply connected. By ensuring that you have a clean mouth and teeth, you’re reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, lung infections, erectile dysfunction and even cancer.

When you visit your dentist every six months, they do much more than just a thorough clean of your teeth. They also take x-rays and check that there are no indicators of oral cancers or other health issues.

9. You Will Save Money in the Long Run

Preventative care is much cheaper than reactive care. Brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day as well as seeing your dentist once every six months will help to prevent tooth decay and other oral hygiene issues.

Imagine if you visit the dentist once every two or three years and plaque is left to grow in your mouth unchecked? Or worse, you’ve developed gum disease and left it untreated. By going to the dentist regularly, you avoid more expensive and invasive dental procedures later on in your life.

Don’t Ignore Your Dental Health

Paying attention to your dental health is just as important as monitoring your general health. These are just some of the many benefits that you will enjoy by having a clean mouth and teeth.

Take charge of your oral hygiene and book your next dental appointment with us today. We’ll have you showing off your pearly whites in no time!