Fill in the gap

Missing a tooth isn’t just bad for your looks, it can be bad for your health as well. A healthy mouth and jaw play an important role in the body from head to toe. When you are missing any teeth, your jawbone deteriorates, your self-esteem may suffer and so will your diet, which negatively affects the health of your entire body. Dental implants in Stockport at Unidental look, feel and function just like natural teeth and are widely recognised as a very effective and reliable replacement method.

Dental Implants in StockportWhat exactly are dental implants in Stockport?

Dental implants are one way of replacing a single or numerous missing tooth. A post is planted directly into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth. This acts like the root of your natural teeth. Dental implants in Stockport can also be used to support fixed bridges or dentures.

Implant surgery normally has two stages. Firstly, the implant is placed into the jawbone. Then, when the jaw has healed, your new replacement teeth are attached to the implant. For some patients it is possible for temporary teeth to be attached to an implant at the time of fitting.

Would dental implants be right for me?

This is an important question to ask yourself before deciding to choose dental implants in Stockport. If you contact us to arrange an initial implant consultation, we will discuss all your questions and go through the possibilities we can offer to improve your smile with dental implants in Stockport.

If I decide to go ahead, what will happen next?

Implants will be placed into the jaw using a local anaesthetic. You can even opt to have sedation for this part of the process. After the implant is placed, the gum is stitched so that it heals over the implant.

The bone then will then integrate around the implant to hold it firm. This can take several months to create a seamless and extremely strong bond.

When the post is secure, you are ready for your new teeth. These replacement teeth might be long-term fixtures (like a crown or bridge) or attached to allow you remove them for cleaning (like a denture).

Something for everyone

At Unidental, we pride ourselves on being the go-to dentist in Stockport, if you are looking for a practice that covers a wide range of treatments. We offer general, preventive and cosmetic dentistry and can also help you out if you need to replace teeth or are already wearing dentures.

We work with the whole family – from young children to teens, adults to elderly patients, we have something to meet your needs.

Dentist in StockportClassic and innovative

We offer all the treatments you would expect from a dental practice, including:

  • x-rays
  • dental hygiene
  • dentures
  • filings
  • root canals
  • braces

We also offer some services that you may not expect to find at your dentist in Stockport:

  • help to stop smoking
  • mouth cancer screening
  • bone grafts for dental implants
  • conscious sedation for nervous patients
  • help with snoring
  • mouth guards
  • fresh breath clinics.

We use the latest 3D technology to enhance all our treatments: this means we can create braces with pin-point accuracy and replacement teeth that blend in seamlessly with your existing natural set.

We also recommend extra check-ups for pregnant women: due to hormone changes, pregnant women are more likely to develop gum disease and so seeing your dentist more regularly during this time is vital for your oral health.

Warm and welcoming

But we also recognise that going to the dentist in Stockport isn’t just about the dental work you receive. The whole environment is important for a successful course of treatment.

That’s why we are based in beautiful, contemporary surroundings, and fresh coffee, flowers and candles provided are by our warm and friendly reception team. A patient journey can last up to two years, so we know the value of creating a safe and comfortable environment while you are going through your procedure. Having dental work isn’t always easy, that’s why we do all we can to make it as smooth a journey as possible.

Get in touch

Come down to the surgery, meet our team and talk to our dentist in Stockport – we are happy to provide you with any information you need and are always open to hearing your feedback about any aspect of our service.

Replacing lost teeth: it’s worth it

If you have missing teeth, you know how difficult it can be. You can’t eat the foods you want to, debris can get stuck in the gap, your face may sag around the missing tooth, and surrounding teeth can even drift into the gap.

You may feel it’s not worth the money or hassle to get one or two missing teeth replaced, but in Stockport, dental implants tell a different story. Because your other teeth and the integrity of your jawline is at risk, even one lost tooth is worth replacing.

Strong jawed

Dental Implants in StockportIn order stay healthy, our jawbone needs the hundreds of tiny taps it gets from our teeth every day to remind it to keep growing. If you have a missing tooth, the jawbone doesn’t get these taps, believes it’s not needed any more, starts to disintegrate, and your face can sag.

The beauty of dental implants in Stockport is that they address these issues in a way other forms of replacement teeth don’t. Because, unlike dentures, bridges or crowns, dental implants are inserted into and bond with the jawbone, they encourage it to grow and maintain its structure, meaning that surrounding teeth don’t fall into the gap left by your missing tooth and your jawbone doesn’t deteriorate.

Digital Implantology

Using the latest digital technology, at Unidental in Stockport we can give you replacement teeth that fit your gums exactly and blend in seamlessly with your natural set.

Each patient is unique, which is why we use advanced digital planning software to make sure that your dental implants in Stockport are placed preciously where they need to go.

Our implant surgeons use computer-guided surgery to make sure you end up with a result that is the best for you biologically and aesthetically: this is so the implants integrate fully with the jawbone, fixing them firmly in place, and they also look great! We can even fit your implants straight away or at most within 48 hours.

Call in to find out more

With proper care, implants can last a lifetime. Visit our surgery for your free consultation and find out how dental implants in Stockport can help you to maintain your smile.

Contemporary oral health care

At Unidental, we offer a friendly, comfortable service to people seeking a dentist in Stockport. Our team provides personalised care with up-to-date information and modern dental technology. For new patients we provide a free initial consultation, so we can get to know your dental history, and what we can do to improve your teeth.

What’s on offer at the dentist in Stockport

Dentist in StockportOur dental team will help you to make long-term improvements to your overall oral health. When you come to our practice for regular check-ups, we’ll check for the early signs of problems, like gum disease and tooth decay, that you might not notice at home. We can also look for signs of cancer in the mouth, using specialised equipment to aid early detection.

We have a range of cosmetic dental treatments that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If your teeth are damaged, we’ll repair them with contemporary materials. If you have missing teeth, we can replace them with implants that restore natural dental function.

Some types of treatment

As a Stockport dentist, we treat a wide variety of conditions with dedication and tact. If your teeth have been chipped or worn at the edges, we can use dental veneers to restore an orderly appearance. The veneer is a thin segment of porcelain or composite material, securely bonded to the surface of the tooth with a powerful gel. Teeth whitening treatments will give you a brighter smile, which can improve how you feel about your overall appearance.

We can improve the position of your teeth using modern realignment appliances. If you have a crooked smile, a misaligned bite, or front teeth that stick out too much, our treatments will make your teeth function more efficiently, and look more appealing.

When we replace your lost teeth with dental implants, you regain the ability to properly bite into your favourite foods. The implants feel natural, and help to maintain the firmness of your face’s underlying bone structure.

Patient experience

Our waiting area features the calming presence of fresh flowers, and hot drinks are available to help you relax. As your Stockport dentist, we’re committed to delivering a high-quality oral healthcare experience.

Once only tooth replacement

Although so many things seem to have built-in obsolescence, one thing that you can pretty much rely to last the rest of your life is your dental implants. In Stockport, at Unidental, we love the fact that these tiny miracles of dental engineering are so good that they can last for several decades.

Here’s how dental implants in Stockport work:

Dental Implants in StockportConsultation

This bit is really important. We have to find out if your jawbone is strong and healthy enough to take implants right away, or if it needs some help to get it to the point where it can support these artificial tooth roots. The bone and implants need to be able to withstand chewing forces of up to 97kg or 200lbs. If there’s an issue, this can often be resolved with a bone graft or a sinus lift. If there’s no problem, you are good to go onto stage two.

The implant procedure

This is a minor oral surgery, generally carried out under local anaesthetic. Jawbones don’t have as many nerve endings as teeth, so it won’t hurt as much. That said, if you are at all anxious, we are happy to help you float gently through the procedure on a cloud of either oral or intravenous sedation. Creating a socket for your implant posts and putting them in place will take an hour or two.

The healing period

This doesn’t sound like much, but the healing period is what makes dental implants in Stockport so amazing. As you recover from the procedure – a day or two – and then go about your daily business, under your gums something rather incredible is happening. Instead of sending out the immune system’s foot soldiers to get rid of the dental implants, your bone tissue is embracing them in a firm lifelong hug of new tissue and blood vessels. Soon, those implants will be as firmly held in your jawbone as your natural teeth.

The crowns go on

Once your implants have integrated with your jawbone, you come back to us. We add an abutment to the implants and screw in your new custom-made crowns, either single ones, or bridges or a whole arch of teeth that exactly match your natural teeth.

I need a good general dentist in Stockport

At Unidental, we don’t want our patients to invest lots of money in cosmetic dentists and dazzling smiles, until their teeth, gums, mouth and bones are in great health. When you visit this dentist in Stockport, you will find that we focus on health as much as beauty.

After all, there is no point in having beautiful-looking teeth if they are becoming loose or quietly decaying. Spend your money on your dental health first, and you can have teeth for life.

Dentist in StockportA good bite

For example, the way your teeth bite together can affects not only your teeth, but your jaw joint, your gums and even the muscles in your face. Misaligned teeth or jaws can lead to grinding your teeth at night, and jaw clenching. These can create facial pain, headaches, discomfort and clicking when biting or chewing, migraines as well as neck and shoulder pain, even back pain.

If you grind your teeth at night, your Stockport dentist will recommend investing in a mouth guard. You put this in at night and it will keep your muscles relaxed and to stop grinding wearing them down. We may also recommend teeth straightening treatment or oral surgery, replacing missing teeth or adjustments to ill-fitting bridgework.

More solutions to common problems

If you have advanced tooth decay or impacted wisdom teeth, we may recommend oral surgery or tooth extraction. If the thought of going through that makes you anxious, we can give you oral or intravenous sedation.

If the pulp in your tooth has become infected, you may need to have root canal treatment to prevent the infection from spreading, which can lead to a painful abscess. Without root canal treatment, we may have to later take the tooth out.


However, we like to avoid all such problems if we can, which is why we highly recommend a twice-yearly check-up. This allows us to keep an eye on your teeth and use x-rays to detect problems way before they reach crisis point. X-rays allow us to check under enamel for infections in the root and any bone loss around the tooth. X-rays also help us see between the teeth and under the edge of fillings.

Teeth that work properly

If you are having to get your teeth replaced, you have a wider choice of methods than ever before. Depending on how many teeth need replacing you can choose between partial and full dentures, fixed bridges and dental implants in Stockport.

The latter are proving to be increasingly popular, now that they have been on the market for 40 years and have been tried, tested and finally trusted by an increasing number of dentists and patients. At Unidental in Stockport, dental implants can be used to replace any number of teeth and can be used also to help make dentures more secure.

Dental Implants in StockportHow implants meet your dental needs

Teeth have three functions.

Firstly, they are used to bite into food and chew it into a paste so that we can swallow it and the rest of our guts can digest it, extracting all the nutrients in it. If our replacement teeth cannot do this, then we risk trying to digest chunks of food that are too big to digest. One way around this is not to eat such foods, but then our diet gets restricted to soft foods, which often lack the nutrients our bodies require.

Secondly, our teeth play an important role in the enunciation of our words. We need them to communicate clearly. If they move around when we are talking, we can become hard to comprehend when we are talking. This can lead to isolation.

Thirdly, our teeth are vital in our most important tool for initial contact, our smile. If we cannot smile a great smile, then we lose a myriad of chances every day to connect with others.

The great thing about dental implants in Stockport is that they allow us to use our teeth to the full in each of their roles. This is because they are inserted directly into the jawbone, where they integrate with the tissue to become as stable and secure as our own natural teeth. They cannot wobble around, and once they are in place, you can expect them to last for the rest of your life as long as you take good care of them, as you would your natural teeth.

A popular modern dental practice

For people seeking a dentist in Stockport, the friendly Unidental practice provides contemporary comfort and high-quality care. We offer free initial consultations for new patients, and our dedicated team of dental professionals offer up-to-date information in a caring personal manner. Our highly motivated team will ensure that your patient experience is welcoming and respectful.

A caring Stockport dentist

Dentist in StockportWe take an overall approach to your oral health. When you visit our practice for regular check-ups, we can check for early signs of decay and disease, and help you develop an oral hygiene routine that minimises the risk of future problems. Where treatment is required, our range of options allows you to choose the most appropriate method of improving your teeth.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, our dental implants will provide durable replacements that function just like natural teeth. If you have teeth that are discoloured or chipped, our cosmetic dentistry options can give you a simple, speedy way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. This can often give a boost to your overall self-confidence. And if you’re concerned about the position of your teeth, our range of realignment appliances can improve the way your teeth look and function without drawing too much unwanted attention to your appearance on social occasions.

Patient knowledge

Many of our patients have been with us since our practice was established, and have recommended us as a Stockport dentist through enthusiastic word of mouth. We spend time listening to you as a patient, so that we can provide the type of care that you’ll find most suitable and sensitive. And when we make detailed assessments of your teeth and mouth, we use powerful contemporary equipment, to ensure that your treatment is precisely planned and highly efficient. With thorough planning, we can deliver optimum results.

Accessible improvements

We know that your oral health is linked to your overall health, and believe that financial worries shouldn’t prevent you from taking care of yourself. That’s why we offer payment plans that spread the cost of your treatment, so that visiting the dentist in Stockport needn’t have a disruptive financial impact.

Replacement teeth with natural stability

When you lose a tooth, it can be harder to keep your mouth free from oral health problems. Bacteria and food particles can gather in the awkward-to-clean gaps where teeth used to be, increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. If several teeth are lost, the material of the jawbone can weaken over time, and the underlying shape of your face can change. At Unidental in Stockport, dental implants offer a solution to these undesirable developments. Using replacement teeth that permanently integrate with your jawbone, you can enjoy biting into and chewing your food as you used to do, while your overall oral health will be enhanced, and you’ll have a better-looking smile.

Dental Implants in StockportIntegrated procedure

The first step in getting your dental implants in Stockport is a consultation with our experienced team. They’ll need to know your dental history, and take detailed images of your teeth, to ensure that the treatment is planned and carried out with precision and efficiency. They’ll also make sure that your oral health is at a good enough level to receive the treatment, and that there’s sufficient bone material to accept the implants.

Once your preparations are complete, you’ll undergo a minor surgical procedure, during which the dentist will place small, screw-like titanium posts into your jawbone. After a short period of healing, your new teeth will then be securely affixed to the tips of these posts.


Because your jawbone meshes with the implanted metal, your dental implants have a strong and permanent foundation, so they can function with the strength of natural teeth. For patients in Stockport, dental implants renew the functionality they used to enjoy with the teeth they’ve been missing. As well as enjoying a wider range of foods, it can be easier to pronounce certain words and phrases than it would be with removable dentures. There’s also no risk that the implants will slide out of the mouth during mealtimes. And as the years go on, the implants will help to maintain the underlying firmness of the face’s bone structure, so you won’t develop the sunken look that can sometimes characterise the long-term wearer of removable dentures.

Protect your children’s teeth with preventive dentistry in Stockport

When it comes to oral care and hygiene, prevention is better than cure. This is equally true for children and adults. However, children’s teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease and that’s why it’s really important to protect their teeth, and teach them the right way to brush and floss at home.

At Unidental, we are committed to your oral health and that of your family. We offer preventive dental services for children of all ages and we aim to protect their teeth from cavities and gum disease. Our dentist in Stockport will help your child avoid damage from dental decay with teeth cleanings, fluoride varnish or dental sealants as well as patient education. When you visit our practice, we will make your child feel comfortable and engage them through the treatment from the beginning to the end.

Dentist in StockportTeeth cleaning

We usually recommend that you bring your child into our dental practice every six months or so, so they can have their teeth cleaned thoroughly by our friendly dental team. Our dentist in Stockport will remove plaque and bacteria hiding between their teeth or under their gum line. By visiting Unidental for routine teeth cleanings, we can spot problems early on, and prevent them from developing into more severe issues.

Fluoride applications and dental sealants

Once your child has their first teeth, your dentist in Stockport may recommend that they receive fluoride varnish treatments to help prevent tooth decay. This can be done two to four times per year and the number of treatments depends on how likely it is that your child may get a cavity. On the other hand, dental sealants are plastic coatings, which are placed on top of the back teeth to protect them from bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay. In some cases both treatments may be combined. While fluoride helps prevent decay, dental sealants add extra protection for the grooved and pitted areas.

Educating your children

Our experienced dentists will also teach your child brushing and flossing that will help them keep cavities and tooth decay at bay. If your child gets into the habit of brushing and flossing their teeth daily, they will enjoy healthy teeth for a lifetime.